CPB Awards Grant to Joint Licensees for High-Impact, Multimedia Journalism

Oregon Public Broadcasting, WXXI-Rochester, ideastream Cleveland to Develop ‘Big Footprint Best Practices’

Nov 15, 2016

(WASHINGTON, D.C. -- November 15, 2016) — The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has awarded a $500,000 grant to three public media joint licensees to develop multimedia best practices and creative production techniques to maximize the impact of enterprise journalism.

Three radio and television joint licensees, Oregon Public Broadcasting (Portland), ideastream (Cleveland) and WXXI (Rochester, N.Y.), will collaborate to identify a cross-platform approach to local journalism that can be replicated by other public media stations. The station partners will produce a total of four “Big Footprint” journalism projects, with at least one in common across all three markets. Under shared branding, each Big Footprint project will focus on a topic of community importance, produce multimedia content, and include engagement with community partners. 

“Through a more integrated approach to service to their communities, stations have an opportunity to achieve more impact for their most important journalism,” said Joyce MacDonald, CPB vice president, Journalism. “Oregon Public Broadcasting, ideastream and WXXI are industry leaders in the ways they integrate television and radio in their reporting and how they collaborate with community partners and other media. Through this project, the entire public media system can benefit from their lessons learned.”

Big Footprint projects will incorporate radio, television, digital, mobile and live events in collaboration with community partners. The station partners will use metrics of outcomes and impact to identify best methods and practices to share throughout the public media system. Oregon Public Broadcasting will serve as the lead station to manage the project.

“Many public media organizations are doing top-notch work in radio, TV and digital, but that work often doesn’t reach a wide audience. We have an incredible opportunity to combine our collaborative strength with the reach of our broadcast and digital platforms in ways few other media outlets can,” said Morgan Holm, senior vice president and chief content officer of Oregon Public Broadcasting. “Through the Big Footprint project, OPB, ideastream and WXXI will be developing and testing strategies to realize that opportunity by increasing the reach and the impact of our enterprise journalism.”

For more information about the partner stations, go to their websites: Oregon Public Broadcasting, ideastream and WXXI.

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