Election 2016 Collaboration of NPR and PBS NewsHour

This grant funded NPR and PBS NewsHour collaboration for Election 2016 coverage, including simulcast broadcast coverage of the political conventions, campaign trail reports for radio and television, collaborative analysis and reporting on primary night, election night and the inauguration, cross-promotion on-air and digital collaboration using social media and jointly produced online tools and content. NPR provided national broadcast segments, an election beat structure that supported issues-based reporting, special series on the candidates' platforms and ideas, digital integration across all platforms and viewer engagement on social media platforms. PBS NewsHour provided national broadcast segments, special coverage of campaign debates and primaries, a digital map center, livestreaming of Election 2016 events, crowdsourced translations of major speeches for digital distribution and viewer engagement on social media platforms.

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National Public Radio
Washington, DC
NewsHour Productions LLC
Arlington, VA


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