Understanding the Digital Audience

Six leading public media organizations, led by Southern California Public Radio, are collaborating on a multi-phase project to gain insight on public media's digital audience. Today's public media service bases its programming, fundraising and other decisions on audience research dating back more than 30 years, and increased competition, advances in technology and changing demographics have led to a growing need to update understanding of media consumption habits. The project collected existing data within each station to aggregate into a larger, national dataset. The aggregated data was analyzed to gain insight about how audiences use public media's TV, radio and other content delivery platforms and to develop data-driven strategies for attracting new audiences. Project reports and outcomes were shared with the public media system, and subsequent phases will be explored based on the findings. Participating organizations include Oregon Public Broadcasting, New York Public Radio, KQED Public Media for Northern CA, Chicago Public Media and St. Louis Public Radio.



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