Covenant With Black America 10 Years Later (Tavis Smiley)

This project provides for the production of five two- to three-minute video package lead-ins to Tavis Smiley's weeklong discussion on the State of Black America 10 years after the release of his book, The Covenant With Black America. These video packages consist of footage from Los Angeles, Detroit, St. Louis and Oakland and explore the challenges addressed in The Covenant With Black America, how those issues still resonate in black communities and their place in the national conversations around the 2016 election. Topics include jobs, health care, social action and community engagement. Indiana University's 10-year study on the State of Black America provides data for the discussion. These lead-ins aired January 11–15, 2016, before the January 17, 2016, Democratic Primary Debate in Charleston, SC, and were shared online.

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