The Latino Public Radio Consortium (2016)

The Latino Public Radio Consortium (LPRC) will provide targeted support services to CPB qualified public radio stations serving Latino audiences (LRS) to assist them in becoming stronger, healthier public media institutions. LPRC will target services to address CPB compliance, local station governance, and community engagement. LPRC will implement a pro-active Compliance Program (Program) that will help LRS adhere to Radio CSG General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria. Using the NFCB model, LPRC will help stations create stronger governance structures and produce deeper connections to the communities they serve. LPRC will engage a researcher to develop a national demographic profile of LRS audiences and communities to help LPRC seek national underwriting for LRS as a group. The research will also be used to create marketing templates for local stations to create their individual profiles, promotional materials and sales packages. This is a one-year grant that is renewable for up to three years, based on successful implementation in the first year.

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Latino Public REadio Cosortium
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