Project Catapult

Through Project Catapult (formerly the Podcast Project: New Voices, New Audiences), PRX is co-producing new podcasts in collaboration with stations selected through a competitive process in consultation with CPB to increase the stations' capacity to provide high-quality content across multiple platforms. PRX worked with stations to develop their topics and approaches, provided training and ongoing guidance to maximize success of the programs. The station staffers selected attend a week-long Boot Camp at PRX's Podcast Garage in Cambridge, MA, focused on storytelling, technology, marketing and sustainability. Following the 16-week development phase, each station launched their new podcast and produced at least 20 podcasts over a 12-month period. PRX continues work with the stations to further refine, improve and distribute the podcasts. PRX created a Podcast Channel on to distribute all podcasts created under this grant. PRX and the stations are also cross-promoting the podcasts over their air, through their digital platforms, social media and third- party platforms (i.e. iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, etc.). Stations have presented+J39 their new podcasts at national conferences and in trade press and other media outlets.

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PRX, Inc.
Cambridge, MA