Strengthening Education Reporting - OPB Additional Year

OPB increased its capacity and expand the scope of its American Graduate/Strengthening Education Reporting efforts by adding a Spanish-speaking reporter to reach its growing Latino population. OPB continues to follow a group of young students as they remain on their educational journey toward high school in its Class of 2025 series. OPB uses a multiplatform approach for content distribution to maximize its audience. First, OPB created a series of English and Spanish-language stories for broadcast on OPB stations and partnering local Spanish-language commercial radio stations. The content was also shared in a series of podcasts produced in English and Spanish. In addition, OPB produces video vignettes for distribution on its website aimed at both English and Spanish-speaking audiences. OPB holds complimentary community engagement events to encourage local commitment to improving academic performance at the early grade levels. All content produced under this grant was OPB-branded and included the appropriate American Graduate funding credit. All audio content was made available to other stations on the American Graduate Playlist on

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