Strengthening Education Reporting - WNED/WBFO Additional Year

WNED/WBFO increased the capacity and scope of its Strengthening Education Reporting efforts by expanding its student and community engagement activities. WNED/WBFO's American Graduate/ Strengthening Education Reporting has been well-received by its community and has received awards from the New York State Associated Press. Under this grant, the station created ""Cafeteria Chats,"" where students were encouraged to share their thoughts about classroom challenges, peer issues and the unique problems in their neighborhoods. These informal chats resulted in on-air radio reports and unique web content highlighting students' experiences. WNED/WBFO also added ""Student Journals"" by providing students with recording devices so they could record candid narratives. These recordings produced material for on-air radio and television and digital podcasts. All audio content produced under this grant was made available to other stations on the American Graduate Playlist on To engage the community, WNED/WBFO used OVEE to hold virtual town halls and community forums.

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