Lidia’s ‘Return of the Artisans’ celebrates traditional trades

December 17, 2019

Lidia Bastianich

This holiday season, award-winning chef, author and entrepreneur Lidia Bastianich explores the return of artisanal products and how a new generation of artisans are reviving traditional trades. In “Return of the Artisans,” premiering on PBS December 20 (check local listings), Bastianich travels across the country, from Tennessee to California, discovering artisans who are using old-world methods of curing hams, making barrels and copper kettles, pressing cider, and cooking spoon jam in small batches. She also visits a heritage food incubator in Denver where budding chefs learn to scale up old family recipes for restaurants and catering businesses.

“In the ‘Return of the Artisans,’ we take viewers on an intimate journey to see traditions that have been kept alive for hundreds of years, skills passed down from generations with pride, passion and love,” Bastianich said. “We share stories of how young people are finding paths to skilled careers by reviving traditional trades. The beauty of these apprenticeships is not just the quality goods from using time-honored, hand-crafted methods, but the viable employment opportunities and a sense of community and belonging for the craftspeople who master the skills.”


“As always, I’m so grateful for the support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting,” continued Bastianich, “and their commitment to helping storytellers in public media like me share the stories of real Americans from all walks of life.” 

“Return of the Artisans” is the latest in Bastianich’s award-winning “Lidia Celebrates America” series, produced by WGBH and supported by CPB. For clips and recipes, go to PBS Food.

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