Certification requirements for station grants recipients

This document explains the requirements of the Communications Act of 1934, 47 U.S.C. 396, et seq., as amended ("Communications Act" or "Act"), with which the recipients of Corporation for Public Broadcast ("CPB" or "Corporation") station grants must certify their continued compliance. These requirements involve five specific areas: meetings which must be open to the public (Section 396(k)(4)); financial information which must be made available to the public (Section 396(k)(5)); community advisory boards which must be established by certain stations (Section 396(k)(8)); equal employment opportunity ("EEO") regulations and reporting requirements which must be observed (Section 396(k)(11)) and donor list and political activities requirements (Section 396(k)(12)). CPB requires station grant recipients to certify their continued compliance with the requirements of Sections 396(k)(4), (5), (8), (11), and (12) of the Communications Act prior to receiving any grant funds.

CPB does not provide legal advice of any kind concerning any laws or regulations. Accordingly, CPB recommends that stations and licensees contact their own legal counsel directly for any and all legal advice. In any event, CPB is not responsible for any aspect of the activities stations or licensees undertake in an attempt to comply with the requirements of the Communications Act and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting described in this document. This document replaces and supersedes the booklet by the same name issued by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in 1998.

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