American Graduate

Launched in 2011, American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen has helped young people stay on a path to a high school diploma and has had an impact on thousands of lives.

Over a period of 10 years, more than 125 local stations, 40 national producers, and 1,700 local and national partner organizations became part of the American Graduate initiative.

Public media’s content, combined with community public forums and town halls, increased awareness among national and local leaders from the public and private sectors and inspired them to collaborate and partner with public media.

This initiative attracted students, teachers, parents, and mentors, who all worked together as champions on behalf of young people at risk of dropping out. Public media played an important role in raising awareness and highlighting solutions as the country increased its high school graduation rate.

Now, American Graduate is exploring how the pandemic is affecting long-term employment trends for young people as well as the kinds of skills and training they will need to navigate the new job market.

American Graduate: Path to the Future will build a library of digital career profiles designed to directly appeal to young people ages 13-18 and will be led by the WNET Group, New York.


Path to the Future: American Graduate