Corporate Officers and Senior Staff

Corporate Officers

Patricia de Stacy Harrison

President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Levy

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Steven J. Altman

Executive Vice President and Chief Policy and Business Affairs Officer

Westwood Smithers, Jr.

Senior Vice President, General Counsel

William P. Tayman, Jr.

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Teresa Safon

Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary and Chief of Staff

Senior Vice Presidents

Stephanie Aaronson

Senior Vice President, Engagement

Anne Brachman

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs

Ted Krichels

Senior Vice President, System Development and Media Strategy

Kathy Merritt

Senior Vice President, Journalism and Radio

Maja Mrkoci

Chief Content and Innovation Officer

Debra Tica Sanchez

Senior Vice President, Education and Children's Content Operations

Vice Presidents

Sylvia Bugg

Vice President, Diversity and TV Content

Deborah Carr

Vice President, Operations and Strategy

Lynda Clarke

Vice President, Content Grants Management

Cara Dalrymple

Vice President, Human Resources

Michael Fragale

Vice President, Educational Programming and Services

Beth Jacobs

Vice President, Digital Strategies

Joy Lin

Vice President, Journalism

Jackie Livesay

Assistant General Counsel and Vice President, Compliance

Erika Pulley-Hayes

Vice President, Radio

Greg Schnirring

Vice President, CSG and Station Initiatives

Nicholas Stromann

Vice President and Controller

Beth Walsh

Vice President, Media Strategy Operations

Stephen Wolfe

Vice President, Information Technology