Other Reports

Alternative Sources of Funding for Public Broadcasting Stations

This CPB report explores possible alternatives to the federal appropriation and provides findings concerning the severe impact of the loss of the federal appropriation on the public broadcasting system. It was submitted to the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations in June 2012.

CSG-Qualified Station Employment Demographics

CPB Responses to OIG Reports

Below are CPB's responses to the Inspector General's audits of recipients of CPB funds, including public broadcasting stations and other entities.

Evaluation of the CPB-funded National Minority Consortia

This report is an evaluation by Coats2Coats to review the operations, grant making and other public media activities of the five organizations collectively known as the national minority consortia (NMC) and recommendations going forward.

Interconnection Report

In June 2015, Cognizant Business Consulting evaluated interconnection plans for public television, including the financial, business, operational and technical aspects of all proposed plans and commercial options for future delivery of interconnection services to the public broadcasting system.

Spectrum Auction and Repack

These May 2017 reports detail the potential impact of repacking on public radio and television stations following the FCC's spectrum auction.

In July 2014, CPB presented a white paper to provide relevant information to aid public media licensees and their governing boards who had to decide whether to participate in the spectrum incentive auction.

Station Revenue Reports

CPB's Public Broadcasting Revenue Reports contain revenue details for a 10-year period as well as breakdowns of revenue sources nationally for public radio and public television.

Public Media's Service to Public Safety White Paper

CPB commissioned Federal Engineering Inc., an expert in the public safety field, to provide a comprehensive assessment of public media's service with regard to public safety that could guide CPB's future investments in terms of industry need, mission and technological advances. Their white paper details public media's current support for public safety and emergency alerting, but also discusses opportunities for public media to serve, and enhance its service to, public safety.

System Technology Assessment

In 2017, Eagle Hill Consulting conducted a system-wide survey to assess public radio and television stations' production and distribution equipment and how stations deliver on their mission in a new digital environment using technology. The analysis includes recommendations to CPB for next steps toward cost and operational efficiencies.