Open Grants and RFPs

CPB provides funding for the development of public media television, radio, and digital content as well as multiplatform projects that reflect public media’s mission to educate, inform and inspire the American public by providing stories through diverse perspectives, genres, styles and technologies.

As a steward of federal funds, the vast majority of CPB support—by law—goes directly to local stations through Community Service Grants, which help stations expand the quality and scope of their work. However, CPB offers a limited number of additional grants to producers for Content & Production, and here, additional station support to address specific initiatives and issue areas. Browse below or in CPB’s closed grants archive for examples.

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Latest Grant and RFP Opportunities

  • The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”) seeks the services of an expert(s) (“Expert”) to work with a minimum of 75 and up to 100 public media stations’ and content production organizations’ (“Public Media Entities”) CEOs and/or their senior executive leadership teams to assist them in accelerating their digital culture transformation efforts at their respective entities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on public media.

    Deadline: Feb 01, 2021
    Eligibility: Open to all applicants.
  • The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) seeks proposals from public radio stations qualified as Community Service Grant recipients that are interested in implementing a new, localized music format that is designed to appeal to and attract younger, multicultural audiences. CPB will provide financial support to selected stations in their efforts to implement the Urban Alternative in their markets.

    Deadline: Jan 29, 2021
    Eligibility: Open to CSG-qualified Radio Stations.
  • The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is seeking a qualified entity or individual to conduct a survey of state capitol news and legislative affairs coverage by public media radio and television stations.

    Deadline: Feb 01, 2021
    Eligibility: Open to all applicants.
  • The Collaborative Operations and Services ("COS") grant program is intended to support multistation initiatives to fully develop and implement collaborations, strategic alliances and other forms of partnerships that will increase stations' abilities and capacities to achieve more together than each can accomplish alone. The COS will provide smaller grants to assist stations with facilitation, analysis, and research ("FAR") required for establishing parameters for collaboration efforts, as well as larger grants for the implementation of serious collaborative efforts.

    Deadline: Rolling or Multiple
    Eligibility: TV, Joint or Radio CSG recipients in good standing, collaborations of CSG recipients, and/or existing non-profit organizations that deliver services to, or represent, CSG recipients.