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Welcome to the CPB Music Rights site for public broadcasters. This site contains information about each of the music rights agreements that have been negotiated on behalf of public broadcasting. There are rights agreements that license and govern the use of music in both broadcast and the Internet. In order to be licensed under the Internet agreements an organization must register with CPB. This information is necessary so that we can create a record of all of the stations operating under the agreements. This information will be shared with each performing rights organization.

In the various agreements reference is made to “CPB qualified” or “CPB eligible” stations. To be clear, in either case this should be interpreted only as an organization that receives a Community Service Grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This site will refer to such organizations at “CPB qualified”.

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About the Music License Agreements


Although the attached copies of the agreements have been redacted to protect the most confidential pricing information, please recognize that the remaining provisions are nonetheless subject to confidentiality restrictions. You may not disclose the terms of any of these licenses to any other party without the consent of PROs or SoundExchange (as the case may be).

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If your organization has completed the registration process, you may log in and edit your account as well as view or print each of the agreements. This will require log-in information you received via e-mail when you registered.

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Review and accept the public broadcasting music rights agreements.


Administrative Data and Reporting

If you are a radio station or a joint licensee (radio and television), after accepting the agreements, your next step is to submit your quarterly SoundExchange-compliant reports to NPR Member Partnership. Please contact sx@ds.npr.org to learn more.