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A new BMI WEB SITE PERFORMANCE LICENSE AGREEMENT 2016-2022 and other new agreements for the period 2018-2022 have taken effect and some require action on your part. Please log in to review and opt-in to the new Internet music licenses.

CPB has traditionally negotiated and paid all broadcast and internet music licensing fees on behalf of public television and radio stations as a service to the public media community. This site contains information about each of the music rights agreements that license and govern the use of music in both broadcast and the Internet.

Public media organizations must register with CPB in order to be licensed under the internet agreements. CPB creates a record of all of stations operating under the agreements to share with each performing rights organization.

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About the Music License Agreements


Although the agreements have been redacted to protect the most confidential pricing information, stations must recognize that the remaining provisions are also subject to confidentiality restrictions. The terms of any of these licenses may not be disclosed to any other party without the consent of the performing rights organization or SoundExchange.

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If your organization has completed the registration process, you may log in and edit your account as well as view or print each of the agreements. This will require log-in information you received via e-mail when you registered.

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Administrative Data and Reporting

After accepting the Internet music agreements, radio stations and joint licensees (radio and television) must submit quarterly music use reports through NPR Member Partnership and PBS.