Wayne C. Roth of Seattle's KUOW Receives Murrow Award

WASHINGTON, DC, MAY 3, 2005 - Wayne C. Roth, the general manager of Seattle public radio station KUOW who has been a key figure in shaping today's dynamic and successful public radio system, last evening received the 2005 Edward R. Murrow Award from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

In presenting the award, Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, CPB board chair, credited Roth with being "one of a small group of forward-looking station leaders who organized the important Station Resource Group," and noted Roth's work at KUOW, saying "his leadership turned that station into a shining example..."

"I am deeply honored to receive this recognition from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting," Roth said. "CPB has been an invaluable partner to me and to the public radio community as we work to advance public radio's service."

Roth, who has led KUOW since 1983, is a two-time member of the NPR board of directors. In the 1980's, he played a critical role in reinventing NPR, moving it from reliance on federal funding, and directing those funds to the stations instead. Roth has pioneered most of the significant initiatives undertaken by public radio from offering stations more choice in their program investments, to increasing participation of minority and rural stations, to pushing for more regional collaboration. Roth is also a founder of the Station Resource Group, which has become a focal point for research, analysis and policy development for the public radio community.

CPB presents the Murrow Award annually to individuals who foster public radio's quality and service and shape its direction. The award is named for the legendary reporter, producer, executive and government official, who championed responsible, courageous and imaginative uses of the electronic media during his distinguished 30-year career. It is the industry's most prestigious honor.

About CPB

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), a private, nonprofit corporation created by Congress in 1967, is the steward of the federal government's investment in public broadcasting. It helps support the operations of more than 1,400 locally-owned and -operated public television and radio stations nationwide, and is the largest single source of funding for research, technology, and program development for public radio, television and related online services.