Strategic Education Consulting Services

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January 16, 2020

Request for Proposals

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) seeks proposals from individuals or firms to provide strategic education consulting services to expand and advance CPB's overall education mission and goals, as well as to provide strategic advice and research services. CPB expects to retain the Consultant for a one-year term, renewable for two consecutive one-year terms, at CPB's discretion. The Consultant will also provide strategic advice and research to CPB to inform CPB's education portfolio in key areas, including early childhood education, K-12 education, content for youth, youth engagement, audio for learning, college and career readiness and workforce education.

Please download the Request for Proposals below for detailed information, including application requirements.
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Questions from Potential Respondents, with CPB Answers:

FAQ Topic: 

Is there an estimate of the number of documents to be drafted and the potential page length of each?

Documents vary quite widely in terms of both length and quantity. Typical documents are between 2-10 pages, with an average number of documents being around ten per month.

Are thre any way examples of work products or reports devleoped for this work could be shared?

No, we will not share those materials.

How long has the incumbent been doing this work for CPB?

The incumbent has provided this work for several years.

Will the consultant be responsible for content development only or both content and design work for deliverables?

Consultant is responsible for producing reports, briefing documents, etc., which are typically presented in Word, Excel, PDF or Powerpoint format. The Consultant is required to provide these in a professional manner, but we do not require such documents to include additional design elements.

How many days would a typical monthly visit to CPB include?

Each visit is typically about an hour and a half to two hours in length.

Are applicants required to be PBS member stations?


Is there a requirement to be in DC? Can much of this be done by Zoom or GoToMeeting? Or a blend of both?

Whereas there is no requirement to be located in DC, the Consultant is required to travel to CPB's offices for in-person meetings on a monthly basis.

Is there a budget parameter for this RFP? I see 12 months at approximately 40 hours/month. Is there an upper limit to the budget?

Since this is a competitive procurement, we are not disclosing the project budget.

Is there an incumbent for this work at CPB?