Web-Based Harassment and Bias Prevention Training

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November 5, 2020

Request for Proposals

I. Project Overview
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) invites proposals to provide a hosted, interactive, web-based training Program for CPB and public broadcasting station employees that:
1) Addresses common types of harassment and/or discrimination and precautionary measures to take to prevent harassment and/or discrimination.
2) Teaches about stereotypes and biases, how they develop, and how to gain insights into one’s own perspectives and steps to take for their elimination.
3) Provides effective strategies for removing barriers to diversity, and for discouraging and preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
The Program must allow stations to set up and manage their station group user accounts independently from CPB.
The term of the agreement will extend for a period of 3 years, renewable under the same terms and conditions at CPB’s sole discretion for an additional 3 one-year terms.
II. Additional Program Requirements
The Program must also include information and guidance regarding federal laws and a web link that provides information on state laws against harassment, as well as practical examples aimed at instructing supervisors and staff in the prevention of harassment, discrimination and retaliation. The Program must be able to train up to 22,000 simultaneous users and up to approximately 1,500 public broadcasting tv and radio stations and CPB user accounts, including but not limited to, requirements and design, integration, testing, acceptance, deployment, and maintenance. CPB and station end user technical support must be provided.
CPB will be the host of this Program and is responsible for determining which features will be included in the Program. Stations must only have the ability to add and delete training users, assign a given training to a specific user, send automated training notices to users, and run participation reports for their specific station when needed.
In addition, the Program must have the following components.
• Definition of unlawful harassment
• How harassment of an employee can cover more than one protected basis
• Statutory provisions and case law principles concerning the prohibition against and the prevention of unlawful harassment, discrimination and retaliation in employment that is provided as reference via a web link for the various states and U.S. territories.
• Types of conduct that constitute harassment
• Remedies available for harassment
• Strategies to prevent harassment in the workplace
• Practical examples, such as factual scenarios taken from case law, news and media accounts, hypothetical scenarios based on workplace situations and other sources that illustrate harassment, discrimination, and retaliation
• Explanation of the limited confidentiality of the complaint process
• Resources available for victims of unlawful harassment, such as to whom they should report any alleged harassment
• Information about bias
• What is racial identity and the different forms of racism
• How a diverse and inclusive workplace benefits everyone
• How to apply the concepts of diversity and inclusion in daily interactions
• How to increase awareness of unconscious bias and avoid its negative influence on recruiting, hiring and other business decisions
• How sensitivity can help prevent workplace misconduct
• How positive attitudes and behaviors can lead to a more inclusive environment

Please download the Request for Proposals below for detailed information, including application requirements.
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Questions from Potential Respondents, with CPB Answers:

FAQ Topic: 

Could you provide more detailed information on the expected user count so we can give a detailed price breakdown. It says for up to 1,500 user accounts and 22,000 simultaneous users, which is a little confusing.

We have up to 1500 stations that may request a user account and up to 22,000 training licenses (i.e. station X may need 100 training licenses and station Y may need 78 training licenses).

I was wondering if I might ask one question, to determine whether our company is a good fit or not. Based on a previous question you mentioned in the questions you do have an LMS, can I ask if the stations all have access to that same LMS, or if they are going to each need a separate account within (in this example) our system?

Yes, each station will need a separate account within the LMS.

Does the team need the training in any languages other than English?


Does your team have a LMS that you'd want an integration with.

Please include the cost to integrate the training into CPB’s LMS, if CPB chooses this option.

Our Preventing Discrimination & Harassment course covers all the required topics, but since some of those topics are very important we have additional courses that cover those topics in great detail (i.e. Unconscious Bias, Diversity & Inclusion, Microaggressions, Avoiding Retaliation, etc.) Would you be interested in us including all the additional courses?

Applicants may include the additional courses provided they are priced separately.

Based in the requirements you will need 22,000 users (logins) across 1,500 stations. Is that correct?