DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES: Enhancing the Diversity, Capacity and Quality of Local and National News

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CPB-qualified radio licensees


February 3, 2014

Request for Grant Proposals

CPB seeks to support the efforts of small groups of news-oriented public radio stations working collaboratively to produce original reporting around important topics, known as "beats" or "content verticals." The two-year grants are intended to support station-based journalism that will increase the range of perspectives heard locally, regionally, and nationally, by adding more points of view from across the country, and expand the conversation on important topics. Each Partnership will need to work closely with national editors at NPR, PRI and APM to contribute original reporting on their chosen "beat" to the national newsmagazine programs. Stations that form these Partnerships may be geographically disparate and individual stations may choose to participate in more than one Partnership. Each Partnership should include a minimum of 3 stations. Each Partnership will hire an editor, and dedicate at least one multi-media reporter per station (a new hire or re-assigned existing staff, full or part-time) to cover each beat and produce content to be used locally on partner and other stations and nationally on the major national flagship programs (e.g., All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Marketplace, The World, Here and Now, The Takeaway). Each reporter must spend a minimum of 50% of their time creating content for the topic. Examples of topics for the beats or content verticals include: military veterans, education, health, transportation, technology, or coastal issues. However, Partnerships can select a topic of their choice.
  • CPB expects each Partnership to demonstrate a significant financial commitment over a two-year period. CPB anticipates providing two-year grants of up to 50% of the funding for the reporter position(s) and up to 50% of the funding for the Editor position in Year One and up to 25% of the funding for each position in Year Two.
Please download the Request for Grant Proposals below for detailed information, including application requirements.
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