Research Study for Station Education Services

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Any qualified person or entity may apply.


November 20, 2014

Request for Proposals

CPB seeks to engage a qualified researcher (Contractor) to conduct a study that will include:
  1. a brief (20 questions or fewer) survey of approximately 172 public television stations about their education services (Station Survey), in order to update public media's knowledge and understanding of stations' education services, which were last measured by a station survey conducted in 2007;
  2. case studies investigating how eight stations participating in the American Graduate initiative changed their internal practices or approach as a result of their participation (Case Studies); and
  3. an environmental scan to determine community needs and the services that public media can provide to meet those needs (Environmental Scan).
CPB's objective in commissioning the study is to obtain a picture and an analysis of public media's current work in education services and to identify what communities' education needs are from public media. Over the past several years, public media education practices have changed as technology has evolved; new initiatives have been created such as American Graduate; and state and federal policies concerning education, the availability of funding, and the economy have shifted. At the end of the study, Contractor will write a publication-quality report that provides a detailed analysis of the Station Survey, the Case Studies, and the Environmental Scan.
Please download the Request for Proposals below for detailed information, including application requirements.
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