Statement from CPB on President Biden’s FY 2022 Budget Request

May 28, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 28, 2021) — Patricia Harrison, president and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), released the following statement today regarding President Biden’s fiscal year 2022 budget request, which proposes $475 million in FY 2024 for CPB’s advance appropriation; $20 million for the public broadcasting interconnection system and $29.5 million for the Department of Education’s Ready to Learn program in FY 2022.

“America's public media system is deeply woven into our nation’s social fabric, through more than 1,500 local public television and radio stations contributing to communities across the country. These stations strengthen our civil society by providing open and inclusive spaces for dialogue, learning, and understanding, incorporating voices from all walks of life.

“Public media is a trusted source of fact-based news, meeting the information needs of our communities. Public media’s health content and public safety information continues to help Americans stay safe.

“Through the Department of Education’s Ready To Learn grant and CPB’s American Graduate initiative, public media supports early childhood and high school education and promotes lifelong learning and development. Stations are inspiring personal and professional growth and providing a platform for community-oriented solutions through their engaging and trusted content.

“The federal appropriation ensures that public media remains free, commercial-free and available to every American. Without it, local stations and storytellers could not tell America's unique and ever-changing story, offer lifelong learning opportunities, and support the highest standards of journalism. The President's request underscores that federal funding for public media is a vital investment – one that continues to deliver proven value on-air, online, and in the community.

“CPB looks forward to working with the Administration and Congress to ensure a strong and sustainable public media system that serves all Americans.”

About the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
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