Financial Reporting Guidelines

Grantees awarded a Community Service Grant (CSG) by CPB must complete either an Annual Financial Report (AFR) or an annual Financial Summary Report (FSR), as detailed in the applicable year General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria. The Financial Reporting Guidelines (Guidelines) for fiscal year 2018 explain how to complete these reports.

The Guidelines are updated annually.

Part I provides a definition of non-federal financial support (NFFS) and describes the types of revenues that may be reported as NFFS.

Part II provides instructions on how to prepare the audited financial statements – and as allowed, unaudited financial statements – that Grantees must provide to CPB to verify the NFFS reported in the AFR or FSR.

Part III provides detailed instructions on how to complete an AFR and FSR by line item.

Revisions to the fiscal year 2018 edition include:

Part I – NFFS Guiding Principles and Policy

Section 2.3.2, page 5 and 6: The definition of an educational institution as a degree-granting institution has been removed on page 5. FCC Spectrum Incentive Auction funds are further defined on page 6.

Section 2.4.2, page 10: A new example of NFFS- ineligible non-professional donated services is provided.

Section 2.7, page 18: A reminder has been added that stations may not use the OSA rate method to calculate their indirect administrative support if the station’s direct expenses are not included in the cost base of the licensee’s negotiated federal rate agreement.

Section 2.9, page 20: Radio’s “Capital Spread” form and Television’s “Large Gift Spread” form have been renamed.

All these clarifications and changes are also reflected in Part III’s line item instructions, as appropriate.

Part II – Preparing Final Reports for CPB

Section 3, page 22: A reminder has been added that audited and unaudited (as allowed) financial statements must be station-specific.  

Part III – AFR and FSR Line Item Instructions

Schedule A, Line 1A, page 33: A reference to “PTFP (NTIA) facilities grants” in “Grants for Facilities and Other Capital Purposes (PTFP and others)” has been eliminated because the PTFP program has ended.

Schedule A, Line 10.2 NFFS Exclusion, page 45: Clarification is provided regarding deductions for bad debt expenses from NFFS revenues, including but not limited to pledges, underwriting, and membership, unless netted in Schedule A.  

Schedule A, Line 21, page 51: Added new line item 21E “Spectrum repacking funds” to report any revenue received from FCC as reimbursement of expenses associated with FCC Spectrum Incentive Auction repacking requirements.  Access to AFR lines for excluding proceeds from the FCC Spectrum Incentive Auction is no longer limited to television stations because radio stations may also be beneficiaries of their joint licensee’s proceeds.

Other – References to OMB circulars and other accounting standards are updated as needed throughout the document.