Financial Reporting Guidelines for Preparing the AFR and FSR

Grantees awarded a Community Service Grant (CSG) by CPB must complete either an Annual Financial Report (AFR) or an annual Financial Summary Report (FSR), as detailed in the applicable year General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria. The Financial Reporting Guidelines (Guidelines) explain how to complete these reports.

The Guidelines are updated annually.

Part I provides a definition of non-federal financial support (NFFS) and describes the types of revenues that may be reported as NFFS.

Part II provides instructions on how to prepare the audited financial statements – and in some cases, unaudited financial statements –  that Grantees must provide to CPB to verify the NFFS reported in the AFR or FSR.

Part III provides detailed instructions on how to complete an AFR and FSR by line item.

Revisions to the fiscal year 2017 edition include:

Part I – NFFS Guiding Principles and Policy

Section 2.7, page 16 – Indirect Administrative Support: clarifications for institutional grantees that report indirect administrative support. See related line-by-line instructions on page 52.

Part II – Preparing Final Reports for CPB

Section 3, page 22– Unaudited financial statements: guidance on required components of an unaudited financial statement for grantees that are not required to provide an audited financial statement.  

Part III – AFR and FSR Line Item Instructions

Section 6, page 58 – Schedule B Summary (Tab 3): guidance for the lines on Tab 3.