CSG and ISIS Training Opportunities

We strongly encourage all station/licensee staff assigned to ISIS security groups to sign up for as many webinars and face-to-face workshops as needed to understand the use of ISIS, CSG compliance and certification, as well as how to complete CSG legal, financial, survey and other reporting forms. Inquiries related to SABS and SAS should be sent to SABS@cpb.org and SAS@cpb.org, respectively.

PDF Webinar Presentations

Pre-Recorded Web-Based Training

Live Online Webinar

Financial Reporting

These webinars are for Grants Administrators, Head of Grantee, and Independent Accountants and other station or licensee staff who have a role in preparing a grantee’s Annual Financial Report (AFR) or Financial Summary Report (FSR) to submit to CPB. AFR filers include all TV grantees and CSG level C and D radio grantees. FSR filers are CSG level A and B radio grantees.

Please refer to the chart to determine which web sessions are appropriate for you:




Introduction to Financial Reporting



What is NFFS?



Completing the FSR




Introduction to ISIS

The Integrated Station Information System (ISIS) is a web-based portal that station grantees use annually to complete the following forms: CSG Legal Forms, AFR/FSR, SABS and SAS. This 1 hour web session will briefly cover the navigation of ISIS and offer basic information relevant to ISIS security groups, and reporting deadlines. This webinar is particularly helpful for new people at the station/licensee who are not familiar with ISIS.

Community Service Grant Compliance

This webinar is designed for all TV and Radio Community Service Grant (CSG) recipients: their Grants Administrators, Head of Grantees, Licensee Officials and other staff with responsibilities for the station's CSG award. This webinar will review the terms and conditions of CSG grant awards, including the Communications Act, CPB’s annual reporting requirements and other requirements of the General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria. Attendees will also learn about resources that support their station's compliance.