CSG and ISIS Training Opportunities

Next Live Online Webinars

Check here in the coming weeks for details on our Winter 2022-2023 live webinars.

We strongly encourage all station/licensee staff assigned to ISIS security groups to sign up for as many webinars and face-to-face workshops as needed to understand the use of ISIS, CSG compliance and certification, as well as how to complete CSG legal, financial, survey and other reporting forms. Inquiries related to SABS and SAS should be sent to SABS@cpb.org and SAS@cpb.org, respectively. For all other inquires, please email CSG@cpb.org.

Pre-Recorded Web-Based Training

February 2023
CPB staff will discuss the financial reports requirements that are unique to Financial Summary Report (FSR) filers and guide attendees through detailed instructions on completing the FSR.
February 2023
Non-federal financial support (NFFS) is an eligibility criterion for the CSG program as well as a key component in calculating CSGs. This is the principal reason for submitting an Annual Financial Report (AFR) to CPB. This webinar will explain the concept of NFFS and provide simple methods for determining the NFFS eligibility of direct and in-kind revenue. This session is recommended for AFR filers, regardless of experience level.
January 2023
This webinar provides a basic overview of the Annual Financial Report (AFR) that most CPB grantees must file to comply with certain provisions of the Community Service Grant (CSG) program. Some radio grantees file an Annual Financial Summary Report (FSR), which will also be discussed in this presentation. CPB staff will review the reasons for financial reporting to CPB and the essential role non-federal financial support plays in CSG calculations. Attendees will also receive a brief overview on how to use CPB's Integrated Station Information System for filing these reports.
September 2022
This session provides instructions on how grantees complete the Certification of Eligibility (COE) form to accept their annual radio or TV Community Service Grant offer.
September 2022
This session provides a basic introduction to the General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria for radio and TV Community Service Grant recipients and information on resources and training to support grantees’ compliance efforts.
May 2021
This pre-recorded session reviews CPB’s annual requirement for harassment and bias prevention training for CSG recipients and the long term objectives of this training requirement. It also gives a brief overview of the new, no cost option provided by CPB to complete this training and information on how CSG recipients can access it.
February 2021
This webinar is for CSG recipients that receive indirect administrative support (IAS) from their institutional licensee that can be reported as NFFS. It will present the standard method to report IAS as NFFS. With this information, grantees will be ready to begin using the standard method to prepare their fiscal year 2020 audited financial statement and annual financial report for CPB.
January 2020
This pre-recorded session is a practical how-to session on accurately completing the SABS survey. Attendees will be led through ALL sections of the survey and discuss the types of financial and non-financial information to be reported.
January 2020
This pre-recorded session is a practical how-to session on accurately completing the SAS survey. Attendees will be led through ALL sections of the SAS survey and discuss the types of employment, salary, governing board and other information to be reported.

Other Presentations