Television General Provisions

Grantees should thoroughly review the fiscal year 2019 Television CSG General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria (General Provisions) that govern their 2019 Community Service Grant. Below is a summary of revisions made to the General Provisions.

Part I. CSG Program

  • Section 1(C-2) Eligibility Criteria:  Program Differentiation Incentive (PDI) – is being phased out beginning with FY 2018 CSG awards
  • Section 3 Recordkeeping Requirements and Section 14 Expenditure of CSG Funds:  These sections were revised to incorporate related requirements that were formerly stated in Section 15 Documenting CSG Expenditures. Section 15 was eliminated. 
  • Section 8 Annual Training Requirement:  new requirement effective with the FY 2019 CSG awards

Fiscal Year 2019

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All questions about this information should be directed to the Office of Grants Administration at Remember to identify your station call letters and/or grantee ID number so that we can respond quickly to your inquiry.