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America and the Holocat

Per the expected from Mr Burns et al, this is a superb production. Sadly many of the people who should see it won’t. This is compounded by the six hour length of the series which disengages the marginally interested. A 90 minute version promoted as an introduction to the Holocaust might generate greater viewership particularly among those with little familiarity with the subject.

WW2 Obsession for Fundraising

If it's not bad enough for all the other main broadcasting networks/channel's stations to do all episodes, even changing which shows, so they are all WWII &/or nazi based/mentioning episodes for 5 months straight UNTIL something else (like a certain celebrity dies or certain holiday that locals that run the station give a or too much fabout) happens... then right back to same theme for the past year (year or 2 before it was all religious &/or all christian story/based episodes of all those shows). Now PBS is showing 4 or 5 hours straight of holocaust ALL WEEK?! Whotf would want to fund because they're watching that kind of c***? Before it was 10 or even 15 year old things likely everyone that had seen any of the fund raising knew/remembered seeing that before or even donating some to help in past decades but why would watching more of WW2 make them think "people will pay us/donate if we show them MORE of the holocaust/deaths/nazi-themed shows they've been "watching" for the past year or 2"? Only thing worst would be if they thought everyone wants to become christian (or another religion) again & only watch that themed shows on it (again).... oh &/or if it was all voting commercials like on the other broadcast channels. Yeah people see/read the news not everyone wants to see more of it all day/night to the point they would pay PBS to see it (there are other cable/satellite channels that would/do show that instead that could cost them less). Does PBS/OPB have no clue how long OTHER wars in OTHER countries/areas of the world have been going on &/or still happening? LOL Just as bad as the basic public school system. If "you" are going to show 1 themed thing for weeks/months at least show DIFFERENT shows/episodes & different angles of it like the nature-themed and some music-themed fund raising was. Last time I watched or saw a World war 1 &/or 2 show on was when it was actually near ONE holiday that was about it not EVERY holiday that was war/military(or christian) based. It's like a medical news story becomes trending then instead of showing shows & episodes viewers would want to see they replace them with barely related medical or medical mentioning episodes. Why not have episodes of smoke/ashes & fires for 10 years? LOL Those also human caused events have been happening for a long time too(I'm surprised the other broadcast networks/channels don't show fire/smoke, NOT cig or drug/substance smoking which they have instead in the past, based shows all the time). Nice to not see the same 2 or 3 book &/or DVD 5 or10 or 15 year old based themes, but replacing them with depressing WW2 based theme/s? Really?

Linda Carducci

She is wonderful! We love waking up to her voice on weekdays & always look forward to her Classical Sunrise. She plays a wide range of classical pieces and educates at the same time. Very rewarding to listen. No “same old chestnuts”. Deeply appreciated. When there’s a substitute we definitely miss her. Wish she wasn’t away so often but can imagine getting up at o’dark thirty every day must be exhausting. Thank you, WETA for bringing Linda Carducci to your station & giving her the early weekday morning time slot.


I once trusted you to deliver unbiased and truthful news but that is no longer the case. This type of journalism is taking America in a direction of doom. While each of you may think you are right, when this mission of yours and elitists is complete you will be able to understand the error if your ways, but it will be too late. God save us.

Cult comparisons - MagaRepublicans & People's Temple - similarities are there, let's side by side compare them

Jim Jones & Donald Trump have such similarities (from the documentary film on Jim Jones) if that documentary had any truth at all. It isn't hard to recognize the pattern. Approaching the MAGA Republicans with that exposure is only fair and required to reveal the mindset of cult figures milk their sycophants, and fans. That is exactly how the religious group worked against their own self interest and drank that kool-aid. It is kind for media to identify the peril as real, and recurring under the leaders thrilled to be followed! It's an illness. Exposure is patriotism!

Absence of Covering President Biden Address on September 1, 2022

I am a long term supporter of PBS. I was shocked that public broadcasting did not show President Biden address to the nation yesterday. The decision not to show the President's remarks was a disservice to many people who don't have cable and to the nation as well. I don't contribute to PBS to be uninformed.

FRONTLINE: Lies, Politics and Democracy


This "documentary" was nothing short of a campaign contribution to the Democratic nominee in the 2024 Presidential election. There were SO MANY untruths about President Trump--things that have already been proven to be false, yet you continue the narrative. Not only was Trump portrayed in the worst possible light, but NONE of his accomplishments were even mentioned. DID YOU CONSULT WITH A SINGLE REPUBLICAN BEFORE YOU PUT OUT SUCH CATEGORICALLY FALSE PROPOGANDA?? OBVIOUSLY this was a hit-job by the Democrat party in an ALL-OUT EFFORT to sway the 2024 Presidential election and you happily obliged to participate. It's absolutely despicable. PBS lacks ANY sort of objectivity whatsoever. I will be contacting my elected representatives in order to STOP MY TAX DOLLARS from funding your channel.

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New Cheeze Toast Jazz



I want to find where to send my new song for the radio. 

I think you’re going to like this groovin tune and the genre is like Funk Rock. I’ve performed it live often, and Strangers point and say “Cheeze Toast” when they see me, months later. True!

It’s broadcast ready and I can send as .mp3 or .wav. and details for the song too. Cheers  Larry

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Pledge drive


Donated during a pledge drive many many many months ago. The pledge gift of a glass bowl never showed up, despite my two follow up phone calls. It was to be a birthday gift from my husband to me. I’m older, no bowl. Not a good way to run a railroad! Very disappointed. Not planning to donate again.

Note from CPB: Thank you for contacting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). CPB is a grant making organization and does not have any authority over stations. Please contact the station directly with your concern.

"Viewers like you."


Isn't that slogan more than a little ancient?! I've never liked the inference that it's other viewers who are like me who support the programming, but that I am exempt. Besides, constant repetition of the same trite phrasing simply becomes noise to the viewers. Our public stations need all the support they can muster. I've been a public station member for decades as the promotions seem to remain the same. In addition, I've been an announcer on two different public radio networks.

I neither request nor need a reply from your offices.

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The lack of research done on your program about suicide was amazing. When someone calls the cops on you, you are arrested and put face down in the back of a police car. Taken to the hospital and held for a couple days. Then put on the street with no help or plan for help. Unless you have money of course, but how many people are there because of money ,and this awful society we live in. 15 billion to help Ukraine, but I can't get help. Forgiving all the student loans, but I can't get help. Your program will make it worse for people. When you ask for help and you don't get it it's worse. That program did nothing to show how lacking the society is in helping our own.

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Inflation and the people in pa

It's not fair that the only people getting any stimulus is the disabled,65 and older and widors....what about the regular struggling people with children going to school that have no money... people who can't get unemployment.... people who can not get to work because of gas prices....the people that are getting property rebate and rent rebate ready for there rebates and now they are getting more...but the regular struggling people are getting nothing it's just not fair...Pennsylvania is not being fair to the people who do pay taxes and do own homes and rent that is sky high...people on disability are aloud to work and make so much money a month... widors do get money from there decreased spouse....but again what are the regular struggling people getting...the Lakers think these people aren't in's just not right..Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

US and the Holocaust


An excellent and moving film until the last five minutes of Part 3, when the storyline left the Holocaust and shifted to blacks, their "oppression", and Lyndon Johnson. What a huge mistake...this detracted a great deal from this otherwise excellent show. It left me convinced Ken Burns has gone woke and lost his mind.

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Fresno California

Note from CPB: Thank you for contacting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Your interest in public television is greatly appreciated. As part of CPB’s universal service mandate, CPB is committed to seeing that public television programming continues in Central Valley. We are also interested in finding the best and most efficient way that this can be accomplished so that maximum resources can be put toward local programming, engagement with the community and other work that only public television can provide.

About Your Shows


Dear The Corporation For The Public Broadcasting,

I like your shows and your web sites. Hope you're doing well.

Sincerely, Harrison

Note from CPB: Thank you for contacting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). We welcome all comments about public media’s content and services and appreciate your support.

New Member to C.P.B.


My name is G.L. M******s. I am the Founder Emeritus Of "Universal Project for Human Development Incorporated" and author of the book based on the Project entitled, "From the Ghettoes to the Promised Land". Due to the materials and concepts, I introduce everywhere I go, I feel it important to sign in with the media for coverage of my activities. Such activities as the introduction of a "Roxbury Stock Exchange Plaza", here in Roxbury, Massachusetts. I am grateful for the opportunity to share with the nation, what I feel will help black America remember the parting words of the late, great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We as a people will get to the Promised Land in these United States of America.

We are blocked from PASSPORT


We are standing members of CPTV, or CPB, whichever is appropriate. But we have been blocked from PASSPORT shows for a couple of weeks or more. You are still deducting money from our account, so that is the same. Could you please check this out and fix the problem? Thank you very much. Robert and Judith Jerome

Note from CPB: Thank you for contacting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). CPB does not broadcast programming. Please contact your local station or PBS with your concerns at

frontline--lies, politics, and decmocracy


As I watched this frontline episode, I have no doubt that everything in the episode is true. Our nation is truly under siege by politicians in both parties. Trouble is when the media decides to take side too! While being true, this episode is so distorted to one side(of course left) that many years from now, people will view this episode and think just how terrible Trump and the Republicans were. What they won't be able to know is that the right AN!D the left were disgusting! Tell the truth! This is PBS, our country deserves dedicated programming that has not been butchered by media bias. I have no problem with the reporting of what Trump did--but what about the Democrats? What did they do? And how was the media complicit in shaping the narrative just like this episode? Just terrible bias--and am NO Trump supporter

Note from CPB: Thank you for contacting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Although CPB does not produce or distribute programming, we welcome all comments about public media’s content and services. CPB does not produce Frontline. Please contact WGBH at

Nawaz : vocal defects

Poor enunciation, drops sylablyes,mumbles. Needs a vocal coach to improve delivery.

Wampanoag program on Tuesday August 23, 2022

The program showed a tipi/teepee as a living quarter. I believe they lived in wigwams or wetus, which were more huts and had some permanency as a structure. The tipi was used by mostly Native American plains and some southwestern nations