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Wampanoag program on Tuesday August 23, 2022

The program showed a tipi/teepee as a living quarter. I believe they lived in wigwams or wetus, which were more huts and had some permanency as a structure. The tipi was used by mostly Native American plains and some southwestern nations

Illegal data

A null system of theft pay day loan then turned over to a bug bounty program that got way out of hand I refuse to give my permission to be treated with no respect only made up lies to ruin a persons reputation. One day in the pipes hacking next day in the cloud Azure build using null is totally unacceptable by law and by my rights as a human being

Wrongfully declaration of my identity texas

How can let a federal agent who used my identity for unemployment for year and half now I can't get ks unemployment I have no money you and contractor stole all I needed vet gave no one consent to be my doa a guardian or payor I have no business l.United States government can you guys send emergency help my Equifax 2017 data and settlement stolen I can't get medical help after stealing my medical am can not believe our Justice system so I have choice but to get Attorney and go ahead continue watching us one of you fbi is still stalking me after I just had a restraining order. Accessing my phone with spyware malware viruses Can't find out about any court cases nothing.I just wanna cry not to be able pay braces off to buy soap buy clothes shoes new printer a car and sad part is a federal agent you hired to protect us not fun++ us!!!

Judy Woodruff

Have to stop watching her, even before she leaves. More and more it seems that all she does is talk about the Republicans--and not negatively!

2021 Jan. 6 the American attack on freedom

The seizures of precious policies are critical views of principles and security. Undelegated authority of misleading communications over resources of liberty and justice was compromised. Todays accused Senators and State Representatives is escalating violence over racist assaults of criminal opportunities. Citizenship is to unite and motivate equality of independence to consolidate prosperity and sacrifice. Committees must help immigration by reinforcing affordable housing. Enthusiasm of pursuit over a administration of positive remarks and philanthropy will change our world as we know it in the future.


UKRAINE WAR--WHAT ABOUT CAUSE AND EFFECT? ACCORDING TO BILLY MEIER, MOUTHPIECE FOR PLEJAREN ETS* SINCE BIRTH (see for more info) For books and DVDS see WE EARTH HUMANS HAVE A LOT TO LEARN ABOUT THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF 'CAUSE AND EFFECT' SO WHAT KIND OF 'CAUSE AND EFFECT' IS HEADING MR. PUTIN'S WAY FOR THE UNPROVOKED INVASION OF UKRAINE? WELL MAYBE A -911- WILL BE HEADING FOR THE KREMLIN AFTER THE WAR IS OVER, AND BECAUSE OF HIM, WHAT'S LEFT OF UKRAINE JOINS N.A.T.O. !! *who were ' spot -on' about the COVID - 19 pandemic months before the official beginning PROOF THAT MEIER IS NOT A HOAX? 1.) "The Beamship Footage" video from the 1970s 2.) new book - "Billy Meier True or Hoax" by Christian Frehner 3,) in- advance- Data on Covid before the pandemic hit (2019) no joke, IF TAKEN SERIOUSLY, COULD HAVE SAVED MILLIONS OF LIVES AND TRILLIONS OF $s (PLejarens still researching origin of COVID-see recent contact report) 4.) ASK any FORMER GOV. REMOTE VIEWER about Meier and whether they RVed him and his farm and watch them turn RED If they say they didn't, they're lying ! PBS TV COULD DO A FRONTLINE or OTHER on UFOS and ET s and what they are telling us.- correction, - trying to tell us. How about a trip to Switzerland MY VIEW, BUT....IF everyone on the planet believed the PJs were real it would violate their prime directive

Right when Donald j Trump became president

My friend and I both witnessed this incident and could even take a polygraph test if we had to to prove to everybody in the world is just really happened when it happened and possibly why it happened when Donald j Trump became president my name is Dan and my friend's name is Bill I had a crucifix that belong to my grandmother that in all the years nothing ever happened to it then he got passed to my father and then passed to me when Donald j Trump became president the hands of Christ literally broke off one at a time in a monthly formation then the arms did the shavings of Christ went from being a tone colored to solid white a month later his body fell off the cross the Lord Jesus Christ then when my friend and I were saying the Lord's prayer one day the crucifix blew up and the bottle of holy water flew against the wall like a bolt of lightning all of this happened when Donald j Trump first became president now I don't know why this had happened but it makes me wonder they're obviously was a reason why it happened and is this information wanted to be passed on to the media and if they want to contact me back they can do so at 9:47 South Monaco Parkway Denver Colorado 80224 this is an incident that when it happened it was right before Donald j Trump became president I want to say before but I want to say before and during because it was right at the very beginning my friend and I would be more than willing to take a polygraph test as I said to prove that what I'm saying is true and that if anybody out there wants this message gets out is able to reveal what the possibilities for why this happened it would be terrific but it's really making me wonder because now he wants to go back into presidency I'm not insinuating that he's the Antichrist but it's making me wonder why all of this happened because it was obviously for a reason and it is the truth the whole truth and nothing but so feel free to drop me a card for something in the mail to the address I provided and only for security reasons I'm letting you know that that's why I only gave the address because we would be keeping an eye on any and all that tried to do anything if they did that's why no phone number was given but if when you sent a letter can you send information that would be very beneficial to me getting a hold of certain people please feel free to do so I think everybody in the world should know what happened with that crucifix when it happened and possibly after enough people hear about it they may be able to figure out why it happens but it really did so please take what I said seriously and get back with me and I will get back with you God bless you all God Bless America!



PBS transmission for channels 8.1-8.4

Suddenly, I am unable to get a clear signal from any channel from 8.1 through 8.4. All are the PBS stations. I am able to receive channel 30, as usual. But I am not able to receive the programming for PBS in Jonesboro, Ga. These are the only stations with which I have any difficulty. This has just begun and I am frustrated.

news hour villainizing Republicans


Please help me understand what happened to the PBS I knew and loved. Reporting was once unbiased, clear and contained real and comprehensive news. Now there is a strong leaning toward demonizing all republican views. PBS is actively indicating that the citizens of this great country disregard decisions of the supreme court on multiple cases. PBS has become an agency that focuses on our differences that divide us rather than the principles that we all share as Americans. I look forward to the day when I can again count on PBS to report objectively. And lastly, PBS proclaims on air that you are funded by a foundation that believes America is a country that "neglects its needs" I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback

Note from CPB: Thank you for contacting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). We welcome all comments about public media’s content and services. However, CPB is prohibited from interfering with editorial decisions related to programming on PBS or local public television and radio stations. CPB and PBS are separate organizations. Your comments will have more weight if you contact PBS directly:

20 years a political prisoner


To Whom it Should Concern but never does : Any informed intelligence officer knows their is no such thing as Al Qaeda. Your programming along with all the other disinfromation media traitors and religious nuts is about as disgusting as anything America has ever seen . These hateful criminals who are engaged in treason and inhumane treatment by manipulating the democratic process . The Joe Biden crap is gross . That idiot doesnt run in 2016 because he has been emotionally compromised by the death of his son ? Certainly understandable . But no American would ever vote for someone like that . What if he had to send our young boys to war and the deaths that he would have to deal with . He would become an emotional basket case according to his own statement . Emotionally Compromised ? Ha !!! what a joke along with that Obama clown . I have been censored and abused for so many damn years its makes me puke . I am an American Citizen being treated as a political prisoner in a country that has lost its way regarding the ideals and principles that this once great country was founded upon . i have no rights to use mobile phones , I have no rights to watch REAL broadcast news . i have no rights to have an email address . i have no rights to the U.S. mail. I have no rights as to my employment options , I have no voting rights . i have no right to ask questions regarding my banking or insurance purchases. , i have no legal rights including the right to obtain legal council etc... etc... etc.., These are facts , not delusions, mental health problems or conspiracy theories or any other term that defines them .These are facts and many of which i can prove after 20 years of being held a prisoner. I am stalked and harassed on a daily basis . i am treated in an inhumane way . The online editors and/or service login workers who edit real time and past content are criminals . It would make Joseph Goebels proud to see these propaganda discriminators in action. Their have been two attempted murders against me unsuccessfull of course . One in which heroin was used to knock me out and a type of anestetic that was so powerful the dose alone i was given could of put an elephant down . i couldnt move for three days . No police reports are or were allowed to be made because religious nut cases are intercepting mobile communications to police . When i do try and contact police the fakes show up in their police costumes with patches instead of badges with no badge numbers on them henceforth the very reason for the name itself and then they insult my intelligence and my dignity by lying about it . Every individual involved is guilty of manipulating the democratic process by censorship , exchange services , and denial of service attacks on all fronts . The people involved are guilty of TREASON . Either contact the state department in Washington D.C. and move me to the location i have suggested to others or just kill me . . 20 goddamn years and for what ? . I dont create human beings in alternative ways Thats Gods department. Always has been and always will be . Sincerely, Donald A**n D******n Number one political prisoner in the world

Even Progressives Like Me Don't Get Why We Fund You


I don't get it. So, as far as I can see, this programming is kind of just pure flattery to us liberals. It's like the programming is some sort of church where we would go for comfort. But I already have priests and psychologists, so I don't need television to help me believe my beliefs. So I don't get it. Why do we fund a station that is simply just my own political party. I mean, I donate to liberals, sure, but they're politicians. I don't see why I should donate to a corporation that just funds NPR, PBS and other outlets which are just the Democratic Party. I mean, the Democratic party serves a purpose, and so I understand that we need it; and I'm glad they help fund my Social Security and Medicare. That's good. But I still don't get it. I mean, so I understand we're not Republicans, but if all your shows are just about my own wish list of ideas, that's nothing very challenging. I'm living the Bay Area, so if I needed 24/7 reinforcement for my belief in Medicaid and Section 8 housing, you're in luck, I already get that 24/7 for free. Plus, here in the liberal capital of the world where I live, BLM and MeToo and LGBTQ Diversity is pumping through all portals 24/7-365 without end; so why do we need to actually give money to get more of what we're already just almost drowning in an ocean of. One's own ideas are like love. Love and my thinking are both good, but 24/7-365 flattery of me is not really needed, and no adult should need that. Your programming throughout COVID and BLM and MeToo and Russia Collusion, etc., was all like children's programming. I get it. I don't like Trump either, and you don't either. I get it. But the broadcasting was so simplistic and so soft and meek and asexual and bland and unchallenging that it was just utterly lifeless. I think our people, and I include you in our people a on the progressive spectrum with us all, are somehow losing our minds and becoming weirdly cringeworthy. It's to where the virtue signaling and constant reassurances and tender handling of our feelings — it's just to the point of cloying beyond madness. I think what you did, as well as all my usual media outlets, was just be such control freaks that you basically sent everyone running for the hills; and now no one trusts you; and I can't even quote your stories to my conservative friends because no one other than woke, coastal, control-freak women believe you anymore. Even my fellow progressive men are all fleeing to the other side, in terms of media. Please stop funding NPR and PBS. I know I won't fund CPB or NPR or PBS anymore, not till some kind of actual human life returns to them.

Note from CPB: Thank you for contacting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. We welcome all comments about public media’s content and services. However, CPB is prohibited from interfering with editorial decisions related to programming on PBS, NPR or local public television and radio stations. Your comments will have more weight if you contact your stations directly.

PBS is driving people away with Constant ads for donations


Twice a year, three times a year for weeks is bad enough. But now during regular programming. That along with the Bias against Conservatives on your outlets now, I'll not be watching any longer. I've told so many people about the great Programs on PBS , sad to see it become a 24x7 money ad.

Note from CPB: Thank you for contacting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. We welcome all comments about public media’s content and services. However, CPB is prohibited from interfering with editorial decisions related to programming on PBS or local public television and radio stations. Your comments will have more weight if you contact PBS directly:

January 2021 Ombudsman piece on NewsHour hits


I was surprised at the end paragraph saying the News Hours has to endure more criticism than some? most? other commercial broadcasters. Has she checked the comments section on any MSNBC video? Half of them are trashing MSNBC and CNN. I think the News Hour is going to have to put on their big boy pants. Things have changed. I don't agree with all or even most of the criticisms the ombudsman listed as coming from viewers, but I have my own less than 5 star reviews of the show. It's not a dinner party. It's not Lawrence Welk. It's the news being given at a point in our country's history where people need facts, not polite conversation.

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PBS News Hour


I also need to add my voice to my disappointment with the PBS Newshour. I realize that the Wall Street Journal is somewhat right of center, but their news coverage is balanced and they include the more liberal perspectives. I find their coverage to be biased, and driven by the so-called Woke Culture. When I want to watch news, I want balanced information, professional and well thought questions by the newscasters and the avoidance of opinionated information, unless it is an editorial. I am appalled by Judy Woodruff's editorial comments which I find to be unprofessional. I am noticing repetitive questions, more coverage of lived experiences, That can easily be covered elsewhere. I am looking for information and not personal propaganda, for either left or right wing sides. We read the Atlantic, the Economist and I get information analysis from podcasts. I listen to both conservative and liberal perspectives and avoid any podcasts that are parochial. The bar of excellence has slipped tremendously with your coverage, with some notable exceptions such as Amy Walters and David Brooks.

Note from CPB: Thank you for contacting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). By law, CPB is prohibited from producing or broadcasting programming. Each local public broadcasting station makes its own programming choices, as CPB is prohibited from interfering with editorial decisions related to programming on local public television and radio stations. Your comments will have more weight if you contact PBS NewsHour directly:


New York

The BBC has numerous journalists working for its Arabic service who have launched anti-Israel broadsides on their personal Twitter accounts — all of which state they are employed by the BBC — that seemingly fall afoul of the broadcaster’s rules. The fact that CPB carries BBC stops my family from supporting CPB. You can pressure the BBC to live by decent broadcast rules.

Note from CPB: Thank you for contacting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). CPB does not fund stations, producing organizations or programs outside the United States.

Is the PBS Newshour really a news organization?


Dear Ms. Woodruff,

I don’t usually watch the weekend edition of the Newshour, but I knew with the ongoing conflict in southern Israel and Gaza last weekend there would be mistakes, misrepresentations, and unbalanced, biased reporting. Recent Newshour reporting did not disappoint!

On Saturday, 6 August 2022, Ms. Lisa Desjardins started her report with the sentence “There is escalating violence in the Gaza Strip amid an Israeli crackdown.” (emphasis added)

I’m not sure exactly how defending the safety of a country’s own civilians as Israel was doing at the time can be called a “crackdown”.

Even though I did appreciate Ms. Desjardins mentioning to your viewers about Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) rockets that misfired and landed back in Gaza, she then went on to state that “Israel claims stray rocket fire from Palestinian militants caused more civilian deaths in northern Gaza.” (emphasis added, and I’ll get to the “militants” issue a bit later)

But why “claims”? I have seen several videos of this.[1,2,3] Have you not? I can clearly see the rockets go up, slow its descent or change direction, and fall back to earth in Gaza. So did you think these videos were a deep fake by the Israeli military? If not, why not report it as fact.

And then on Sunday, 7 August 2022, Ms. Desjardins ended the section on this latest conflict by stating “Gaza officials say 31 Palestinians have been killed, including civilians.”

So Palestinian officials “say” while Israel “claims”?

And who exactly were the “officials” in Gaza?? I presume it was the Gaza health ministry. But how many of those were affiliated with terror groups.? And how many were killed by Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) rockets that fell back into Gaza?

Don’t you think these are important questions? Context is critical in journalism. So are details.

I think you do a disservice to your viewers by not identifying these “officials.” And if it was the Gaza health ministry, you needed to note that it is under the control of the Hamas terror group, the rulers of the Gaza Strip. It is only an extension of the Hamas propaganda machine.

Did the Newshour not learn anything from the 2014 Gaza war when almost everything that was reported regarding casualties from the Gaza health ministry was ultimately proven wrong?[4] Would you accept statistics on casualties and information from ISIS or the Taliban as fact? I doubt it.

On Monday, 8 August 2022, you reported Ms. Woodruff that “A cease-fire held today between Israel and Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza after weekend fighting killed at least 44 Palestinians.” (emphasis added)

I’ll bet you already know where I am going with this…

In a statement by President Biden on the ceasefire in Gaza on 7 August 2022 [5], the President of the United States of America said something that apparently the PBS Newshour can’t acknowledge… "Over these recent days, Israel has defended its people from indiscriminate rocket attacks launched by the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the United States is proud of our support for Israel’s Iron-Dome, which intercepted hundreds of rockets and saved countless lives.” (emphasis added)

PIJ is an Iranian backed terrorist group intent on wiping Israel from the map. PIJ has been labeled a terrorist organization by the United States[6], the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.[7]

Ms.Woodruff, you yourself apparently can use the word “terrorist” when talking about certain groups. On 17 Dec 2018, you stated, “The U.S. military says weekend airstrikes in Somalia killed 62 members of the terrorist group Al-Shabaab.”  (emphasis added)

Please, please, please explain your policy on using the word “terrorist”?? There must be some policy statement, no? And then explain why wouldn’t PIJ meet the Newshour’s definition of a terrorist organization?

And finally, in the online summary of the News Wrap for Monday, 8 Aug 2022 it is written that “a cease-fire between Israel and Gaza is holding after Israel killed 44 Palestinians”. (emphasis added)

Honestly now, did Israel “killed 44 Palestinians”???? Where have you guys been for the last week?? Who writes this stuff? Again PBS Newshour blaming Israel and letting the Palestinians off the hook!

Numerous reports of the ~200 misfired rockets out of Gaza killing innocent Palestinian civilians [8,9] and the Newshour falsely claims that Israel “killed 44 Palestinians”???? Somehow last Saturday, even Ms. Desjardins got that detail correct.

On the same day that this false statement was posted on your website, the AP reported [10] about PIJ killing civilians in Gaza. Are they privileged to some information that the Newshour can’t get?

In fact, the majority of the Gaza civilian deaths were caused by PIJ.[11,12] A very different story than Israel “killed 44 Palestinians”, isn’t it?

Furthermore, of note the Israeli Air Force called off several attacks when children or civilians were seen near a target.[13] Did PIJ stop firing rockets because they were aimed at civilian populations? Of course not.

As a matter of fact, every one of the ~1,000 rocket fired by PIJ into Israel was a double war crime. Yes, a double war crime. Firing rockets from a civilian area is a war crime just as targeting civilian areas is another war crime. Has this ever been reported by the Newshour? Of course not.

Colonel Richard Kemp, who was the commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, has said on several occasions that Israel is “the world’s most moral army.” [14] Why not quote him when reporting on Israel military actions?

So it does make one question if the PBS Newshour is really a news organization if it continues to get so many facts wrong?

ER S*****n Richmond, VA 

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14)

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CPB gone Woke


I don't understand why or how you don't realize that there are not only Democrats that might have watched your programs! The "wokeness" you have adopted leaves so many of us choosing to opt out and with no looking back! Enough is enough!!!

Note from CPB: Thank you for contacting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). By law, CPB is prohibited from producing or broadcasting programming. Local public broadcasting stations are independent of CPB. They are responsible for their own programming choices, and CPB is prohibited by law from controlling or influencing the editorial or other content of local public television and radio programs.

Weather reporting pre-empting regular programming


Am so sick of local pittsburgh TV stations reporting potential bad weather in an area for over an hour. Are you serious. They could cut in when necessary, but no, the keep reporting the same crap for over an hour. Missing regularly scheduled programming. Ridiculous. Happens all the time. Understand issues, but to report same thing over and over for an hour plus is ludicrous.

Note from CPB: Thank you for contacting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. We welcome all comments about public media’s content and services. However, CPB does not produce, broadcast, or distribute programming and is prohibited from interfering with editorial or management decisions related to programming on PBS or local public television and radio stations. Please contact your local station or PBS with your concerns at

WMPG is no longer public radio


Wmpg fm from Portland Maine is no longer public radio with community DJs. According to their own website at They're college radio now only available for college students. This should be de-funded by mission statement. Along with the Corporation for public broadcasting goals.

Note from CPB: Thank you for contacting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). WMPG is not a station qualified for a CPB Community Service Grant (CSG). To qualify for a grant from CPB, a station must be operating under a noncommercial educational license granted by the FCC and meet several criteria including: operating under a valid renewable broadcast license issued by the United States Federal government, must have a minimum operating schedule of 18 consecutive hours per day, seven days per week, and 52 weeks per year. More information about eligibility requirements for radio stations is available here: and