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Kansas Public Telecommunication Services, Inc.

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Position: Director of Development Date: May 2018
Position Purpose:

Associate, Data Strategy & Management

Full-time, Regular

Reports to: Senior Director, Data Strategy & Management

We’re looking to hire an Associate for our Data Strategy and Management team. In this role, you’ll provide the best data solutions to our fundraising teams.

On an average week, you can expect to:

Leadership Giving Coordinator

  • Work with the Television Production Team to produce, shoot, and edit video programming for use on-air and online. Programming will range from short promotional items to full length television programs.
  • Create the closed caption files as needed for WKNO-TV. Working with the WKNO operations staff verify the closed caption encoding for all necessary programming.
  • Upload files and meta-data for publishing on the WKNO-TV website, PBS Media Manager, and YouTube.
  • Prepare sets and equipment for each production.

The Assistant Chief Engineer of WOSU Public Media is primarily responsible for assisting with the installation, repair and maintenance of all technical aspects of Television, Radio, IT and Digital Media and computer equipment located within all WOSU facilities.

Blue Ridge Public Radio - Director of Content 



Marfa Public Radio believes in the capacity of public media to shape and animate who we are, where we live, and how we relate. Public media serves a critical role in our region.


Operate under the direction of a Supervisor, Producer/Director, and/or client to realize the creative vision of video and audio projects, such as regional broadcasts, national broadcasts, athletic game day videos, and documentaries. Set-up and operate video recording, audio, and lighting equipment, in studio and on location. Apply the technical aspects of light, lenses, filters, and camera settings to achieve the desired effects. Use cameras in any of several different camera mounts, such as stationary, track-mounted, or crane-mounted.

Project Manager, WETA Facilities and Building Administration

Full-time, Regular, Exempt

Reports to: Chief Financial Officer